Large Models

More detailed and higher resolution models provide engineers and managers with the ability to better understand the subsurface and to make more informed decisions. ECHELON can quickly simulate extremely large models allowing companies to keep geologic detail that is typically removed in order for legacy simulators to achieve manageable run times.

ECHELON's ability to simulate up to 12 million active cells on a single GPU means that large geo-scale models are divided into fewer and larger computational domains compared to modern CPU based simulators. For example our billion cell calculation split the model over 120 domains mapped to 120 GPUs. Multi-core CPU codes that have been able to run billion cell models do it using thousands of nodes and thus create tens of thousands of domains to map to individual cores.  This splintering of the model into huge numbers of domains leads to inefficiencies related to inter-domain data communication. ECHELON ends up using about two orders of magnitude fewer domains than its multi-core competitors for the same calculation.

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