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Research and findings from our reservoir simulation software team and colleagues.

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Oil & Gas

ECHELON: SPE10 Case Study →

A Revolution in Performance using a GPU Based Simulator →

Jamal Siavoshi, Husky Energy; Karthik Mukundakrishnan, Stone Ridge Technology

Full-GPU Reservoir Simulation Delivers on its Promise for Giant Carbonate Fields →

A. Vidyasagar, L. Patacchini, P. Panfili, F. Caresani, A. Cominelli, R. Gandham and K. Mukundakrishnan EAGE Conference Proceedings, Third EAGE WIPIC Workshop: Reservoir Management in Carbonates, Nov 2019, Volume 2019, p.1 - 5

GPU Acceleration of Equation of State Calculations in Compositional Reservoir Simulation →

R. Gandham* (Stone Ridge Technology), K. Esler (Stone Ridge Technology), K. Mukundakrishnan (Stone Ridge Technology), Y.P. Zhang (Stone Ridge Technology), C. Fang (The University of Tulsa) & V. Natoli (Stone Ridge Technology)

A High Performance Reservoir Simulator on GPU →

Reza Ghasemi, Rice HPC in Oil and Gas Meeting, March 2016

Unconventional Reservoir Model Predictions Using Massively-Parallel Flow-Simulation: Bakken/Three Forks Reservoir Development Cases and SRV Testing →

M. Shahvali, J.R. Gilman, O. Angola, M. Uland, H. Meng, Inc. and K. Esler, K. Mukundakrishnan, M. Ghasemi, V. Natoli, Stone Ridge Technology, SPE Low-Perm Symposium May 2016

Recent Trends in High Performance Computing: Implications for Reservoir Simulation →

Realizing the Potential of GPUs for Reservoir Simulation →

K. Esler, K. Mukundakrishnan, V. Natoli, J. Shumway, Y. Zhang and J. Gilman, ECMOR XIV – 14th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, 8 September 2014

A GPU Accelerated Aggregation Algebraic Multigrid Method →

R. Gandham, K. Esler and Y. Zhang, Computers and Mathematics with Applications 68(2014) 1151-1160

GAMPACK (GPU Accelerated Algebraic Multigrid Package) →

K. Esler, V. Natoli and A. Samardzic, ECMOR XIII – 13th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, 10 September 2012

A Novel GPGPU Approach to Kirchhoff Time Migration →

W. Brouwer, V. Natoli and M. Lamont, 2011 SEG Annual Meeting, September 18 – 23, 2011 , San Antonio, Texas

Survey of Two-Point Seismic Travel Time Methods →

V. Natoli and K. Esler, SRT White paper August 2011

Accelerating Reservoir Simulation with GPUs →

K. Esler, S. Atan, B. Ramirez and V. Natoli, 73rd EAGE Conference and Exhibition, 23 May 2011

General Technology

Recent Trends in High Performance Computing: Implications for Reservoir Simulation →