SRT Scientific Computing Bootcamp

I'm very pleased to announce our first of hopefully many annual scientific computing bootcamps aimed at high school students. The idea is to introduce talented young people to the fascinating world of high performance scientific and engineering coding, a discipline that they are unlikely to encounter in their regular curriculum. We are planning a week long camp at our Bel Air office the week of 6 July 2015. John Shumway, tapping into his inner professor and many years of classroom innovation at ASU, will lead the effort with guest appearances and lectures by other SRT employees. Topics for the week include, the Madelbrot Set, GPU computing, normal modes and matrices, finite difference methods, the wave equation and incompressible fluid flow. It will be a very intense and challenging introduction to numerical methods and scientific computing. More information will follow but if you are interested please contact me or John directly. The camp is sponsored by SRT and there are no costs to the students. We are soliciting nominations from local high schools and our LinkedIn associates. 

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