Stone Ridge Products


Applications: Reservoir Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics

GAMPACK (GPU accelerated Algebraic Multigrid PACKage) is an SRT software library for Algebraic Multigrid, a powerful solver technique that delivers rapid convergence on linear systems. It's particularly effective for use on difficult to converge matrices that emerge from Elliptic type PDEs such as those that arise in reservoir simulation and computational fluid dynamics. GAMPACK is available for both Windows and Linux platforms and can run on one or more nodes each with one or more NVIDIA GPU compute boards.


Applications: High Frequency Trading, Low Latency Market Data Processing

AVALANCHE is a suite of software and firmware that allows latency sensitive financial practitioners transparent access to in-line symbol and message filtering. AVALANCHE is currently offered on the SolarFlare ApplicationOnload Engine board. With AVALANCHE, users can transparently filter on a finite set of financial instruments, reducing core burn and immunizing trading systems to market surges that could cripple trading activity.